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"If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It"



Owner/Designer/Dreamer/Architect/ YouNameIt!

Jim is an inventor and creator by nature. Anyone who knows him well knows he is an extremely hard worker and will do what it takes to make his and his families dreams a reality. He enjoys creating magical and memorable moments for his family and the local community. Jim has a drive and passion for creating magical places such as Ice Palace and LaBelle Lake. He is a local to this area and loves Idaho. Jim has the biggest heart and will do anything for anyone. We are all extremely blessed to open our doors to the community for everyone to come and experience what he has created!




Shannon is the kindest person you will ever meet! She has been the perfect example to her children while they were growing up and continues to be a great example today.  She prefers to be in the background making sure everything runs smoothly, and jumps in wherever is needed!  Shannon lends a helping hand when needed is crucial to the success of the Ice Palace and LaBelle Lake. Shannon enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, hiking, camping and getting together on Sundays to see their children and grandkids. She grew up in Menan, Idaho and loves Idaho!



Ice Palace Director

Kira is the daughter of the owners Jim and Shannon Youngstrom. She grew up at LaBelle Lake helping build it from the ground up with her family. She helped turn the family home into a beautiful wedding and retreat venue in 2017. Kira is the director for both the Ice Palace and LaBelle Lake. Kira enjoys CrossFit, spending time with her 3 kids and husband, camping, traveling, photography, and being the videographer at LaBelle Lake (  She also enjoys running her and her husbands local businesses The Rock Gym - Rexburg and Teton CrossFit.



Head Ice Engineer

Britton is the 4th sibling raised at LaBelle Lake. He has been a crucial part of helping develop the sprinkler system and design of the Ice Palace. His skills with a tomahawk are pretty impressive, making him one of our tomahawk throwing instructors at LaBelle Lake! Britton competed in high levels of gymnastics and can still throw out a back flip on command. Britton and his beautiful wife Krista travel anywhere they desire in their "tiny home" with their 3 little kids.  Britton also helps his dad Jim with projects on the grounds while also owning and operating Youngstrom Log Home Crafters with his brothers.



Head Ice Engineer

Brigham is the youngest son in the family. He is kind, creative and works extremely hard. While he was serving a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints his family turned the home he grew up in into a wedding and retreat venue. When he got back he jumped right into helping with the day to day operations. In the winter he is critical to the construction of the Ice Palace alongside his brothers. Brigham is also one of the tomahawk throwing instructors at LaBelle Lake. He co-owns Youngstrom Log Home Crafters with his brothers. He currently lives in Rexburg with his wife Ashley and baby boy, Owen.



Head Ice Engineer

Garen is the oldest son of  the Youngstrom family! He has a huge heart and will help anyone with anything! Garen is methodical in his thinking, great with numbers and an extremely hard worker. In the summer months he builds log homes with his brothers and in the winter builds the Ice Palace. Him and his wife are very supportive and kind people. They have an adorable little boy named Samuel and live in Teton, Idaho. Garen enjoys spending time with his wife Elly, playing games and traveling.



 Ice Palace Manager

Annika grew up in Austin, Texas and moved to Idaho in 2014 to attend BYU-Idaho . She obtained her Bachelors in  Recreation Management with an emphasis in special events. Annika joined the LaBelle Lake team where she manages the Ice Palace and LaBelle Lake. She is a crucial part of bringing the LaBelle Lake dream to life! Since moving to Idaho, she has fallen in love with the magic of winter where she loves cross country skiing, snowshoeing, and drinking hot chocolate next a cozy fire with her Husband.



Assistant Manager
Community Outreach & Vendors

Cassidy assists in the managing of the Ice Palace and oversees community outreach and vendor coordination! She is creative, smart, has an eye for design and excels at anything she puts her mind to.  Along with working at the Ice Palace, she also works as the Assistant Manager at LaBelle Lake. Cassidy owns her own floral company called Atkin Arrangements and does a phenomenal job. She is a senior at BYU-Idaho studying event planning with an emphasis in small business and floral design. On the weekends she loves being outdoors and fishing with her husband and new baby Sutter.



Assistant Manager
Scheduling & Employee Relations

Becca is originally from Northern Nevada where she spent her summers in Lake Tahoe. Now she lives in Rexburg with her husband whom she married last year in Seattle, Washington. She is studying Recreation Management at BYU-Idaho and will receive her Bachelors in April 2021. This is her first season working with the Ice Palace team and she is eager to get started! Becca loves doing anything outside, but mostly hiking and backpacking!



Social Media Coordinator

Kenadee spent her life growing up in South Dakota, so the cold doesn't bother her!  She is  currently studying cater and event planning at BYUI. She plans on staying in the event industry as a career. She loves creating memories for people and hopes to do that for a very long time!



Ice Palace Engineer & Staff

Cambria is the youngest of the 6 Youngstrom kids. She is 10 years younger than Kira but they often get mixed up and thought of as twins! She graduated from Rigby High School in 2017. Cam is fun loving and a true adventurer. She loves rock climbing, hiking with her dog Prince, traveling, horse back riding, canoeing, and just being outside enjoying nature. Cambria ensures we always make time for fun outside of work. She steps in and helps with the Ice Palace wherever needed. She is also one of our tomahawk throwing instructors at LaBelle Lake. Cambria is a student at BYU-Idaho studying Recreation Management. She just recently got married to Justin Anderson and he joined right in with our family business. Justin is from Montana, currently a student at BYU-Idaho and helps build the ice palace as well as work the front register with Cambria.



 Ice Palace Staff

Ciara is the oldest daughter of Jim and Shannon Youngstrom. She is always there to help when her siblings need her!  Whether it is helping form the ice logs late at night, front desk staff, being "Elsa"or moral support for her stressed out siblings on crazy days! She is always there for her family. Ciara lives in Idaho Falls with her husband Justin and has 4 kids with one more on the way! She is an animal lover like her dad and currently breeds Cocker Spaniels and Golden Retrievers through her business Huntsman's Goldens.

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Ice Palace Builder

Bob is a hard worker and knows how to get things done. He joined the Ice Palace family in our first year back in December 2017. Bob helped us from the beginning while we were still learning and perfecting the method of building. He has come back every year to join us in creating an even better experience for our community. Bob lives just outside of Rexburg with his wife and children. We are lucky to have him on our team!



Professional Lighting Director

Brian grew up in Preston, ID. As a young kid he was always getting into trouble for taking things apart to see how they worked. Brian visited the Ice Palace with his family and knew he could add to the experience with his lighting expertise. He joined our team in 2019. He attended BYU-Idaho, graduating in 2010 with a degree in Automotive Management and now owns UWrench Automotive Repair in Rexburg. While at BYU-Idaho he met his beautiful wife, Carly. They are the proud parents of 2 “high” energy daughters that keep them both busy. Brian loves to be outdoors snowboarding, wakeboarding and playing with his daughters.He is hard working, smart, resourceful and kind. And what he can do with lighting is amazing!



Fire Performer

Ainsley Furgason was inspired at 4 years old to learn magic by the Amazing Andy. When he was sixteen he started performing professionally for audiences and at events. Over the years he has honed his skills in close up, walk around, parlor and busking/street magic. As well as magic, he is formally trained in theater, dance, juggling, clowning, stage combat, fire eating, stunt work and pyrotechnics.

Ainsley worked in a juggling-magic comedy show at Six Flags Astroworld and had weekly performances at the Houston Zoo Children’s Zoo. 

When not working private events, Ainsley has worked the Texas renaissance festival circuit and the local comic con circuit.

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We would love to find more hard working individuals to join. our team this winter! Building starts as soon as it is cold enough!  Fill out our application!